In Technologies subjects, we value transforming and engaging student learning, ensuring that they are future-ready, adaptable, and forward-thinking learners.

Students belong within our classrooms as they learn to use current technologies while also keeping an open mind to think about the impact of future technological changes. Thinking creatively is in the forefront of a Technologies students as it allows them to intervene when there’s a chance to improve the quality of a project. Problems are solved as individuals as well as members of a team. Students are taught to develop technology capabilities by combining their planning and producing skills along with their knowledge and understanding in order to design and create products with real-life benefits.

Within Technologies, we believe that Lakes Learners gain experience and skill with modern-day tools that they will use to thrive and contribute in an ever-changing, globally-connected world.

As a result of the belief in our students, we believe they will become individuals who are the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders capable of challenging, influencing and sustaining the world of the future.