The Horizons Program is an exclusive, invitation-only acceleration program offered to a select group of self-regulated and driven Lakes Learners who possess strong ability in and passion for English, Mathematics, or Music. This program is not a mere bolt-on initiative; it is seamlessly integrated into school life, becoming an integral part of our educational approach.

Underpinned by inquiry and visible thinking, the Horizons Program provides a unique opportunity for students to nurture and stretch their talents. It goes beyond traditional education, aiming to holistically increase growth in student outcomes, results, and learning habits. In this way, it is an aspirational endeavour that students can aim to be a part of. It honours not only academic achievement, but also the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

At The Lakes College, we are in constant pursuit of the horizon. While we may never quite reach it, we remain dedicated to the journey, always moving forward. It is through this pursuit that student character is forged as they learn and grow.