Health and Physical Education

In Health and Physical Education everyone can find success and enjoyment.

Students belong in Health and Physical Education because they are able to find their north. Whether a student’s passion is for team sports, individual activities, or academic pursuits in health and the medical sciences every student has the opportunity to find enjoyment. Health and Physical Education at the Lakes College caters for all students and allows all students the ability to flourish and unlock their true potential.

We believe that Lakes Learners need the skills that are inherent in Health and Physical Education. Students need to develop the skills needed to contribute to society in the 21st century. The ability to Collaborate, to work effectively within a group, to communicate and to critically evaluate their environment are all 21st century skills that form the basis of our health and physical education curriculum. Becoming physically literate is one of the main goals of Health and Physical Education at . This will allow our students to become healthy contributors to society.