Empowering Education in Cambodia: A Journey of Commitment and Impact

In a heartwarming initiative, four dedicated colleagues – Taryn Hirst, Taylor Ferguson, Dan Ridout and Nicole Gregory – have embarked on a transformative journey in Cambodia during these school holidays. Their mission: to work collaboratively with Cambodian teachers, providing not just support but invaluable resources and training that promise to shape the future of education in the region.

A Pledge of Commitment

This endeavor goes beyond a mere service trip; it marks the initiation of a substantial commitment by the College. Pledging to send staff annually demonstrates a dedication to fostering lasting connections and creating a sustainable impact. Moreover, there are exciting plans for a biennial student trip, scheduled to commence in 2025, ensuring that this journey becomes a recurring, enriching experience.

Inspiring Beginnings at Stepping Stones Cambodia

The first day at Stepping Stones Cambodia school, in collaboration with Harvest Cambodia, was nothing short of inspiring. The team engaged with young teachers, ranging from ages 16 to 18, unraveling the essence of what makes a good teacher – a delightful revelation being that happiness plays a pivotal role. Their dedication to English learning and navigating the challenges posed by the endearingly named "Monkey Students" showcased a genuine commitment to overcoming educational obstacles with a positive spirit.

A School Fueled by Goodwill

Stepping Stones operates on the goodwill of individuals and organisations. Donations are crucial to providing essential supplies and supporting the dedicated staff who play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape. Being part of this transformative journey is not just an honour but a shared responsibility to contribute to the betterment of education in Cambodia.

Great Educators, Lasting Partnerships

What makes this journey even more exceptional is the forging of a lasting partnership with Harvest Cambodia. These great educators are laying the foundation for a collaboration that will extend far into the future. The hope is to support the growth of globally connected Lakes Learners, individuals who understand the importance of empathy and the value of service.

A Gift of Gratitude

As a token of appreciation and to leave a lasting impact, the team gifted the school a special present. Principal Kong's dream outdoor setting – a mushroom-themed space for the children – has finally come to life after two years of anticipation. His joy upon its arrival was truly heartwarming.

Continuing the Journey

The journey has been a whirlwind of adventure and connection. The team hasn't just had the privilege of teaching; they've forged lasting friendships with an incredible community that empowers young Cambodian children through the gift of learning. The anticipation is high for the next chapter – bringing Lakes Learners to Cambodia in two years, continuing the beautiful journey of learning and friendship.

As we follow the progress of Taryn, Taylor, Dan and Nicole, we are reminded that education has the power to transcend borders, connecting hearts and minds. Their commitment reflects the belief that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of geographical boundaries.

In a world where collaboration and compassion are paramount, initiatives like these serve as beacons of hope, illustrating the positive change that can be achieved through collective efforts. The College and its dedicated team have set a commendable example, showcasing the transformative power of education when coupled with genuine dedication and a spirit of goodwill.