Instrumental Ensembles and Choirs

TLC Music has a vibrant and expanding Music Ensembles Program. The Ensembles are designed to complement student learning in Classroom and Music Studio Tuition by providing group performance opportunities. These groups are some of the most visible elements of the music program, and will perform regularly at assemblies, College functions and ceremonies, College concerts, eisteddfods and competitions, and in the community.

All Ensembles and Choirs have high expectations of commitment to weekly rehearsals, camps and performances. Students are expected to commit to the Ensemble for the full year.

All Ensembles and Choirs have an Ensemble Levy of $40 per student per term and this is added to your College fee account.

Choirs are based on year level, and we welcome all students - it is not necessary to be having vocal lessons, nor studying Music Elective in Secondary.

Prep - Year 1
Singing Club
Year 2 - 4
Junior Singers
Year 5 - 6
Primary Choir
Year 7 - 12
Secondary Choir

Instrumental Ensembles require students to be currently enrolled in some form of tuition on that instrument (e.g. Year 3 & 4 Immersion classes, Music Studio Private or Group Tuition, or outside of school tuition). Students will be invited to join an ensemble based on their ability, or can apply to audition through their teacher or relevant Ensemble Director.

Our Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble are currently seeking members for these ensembles to be able to continue.

Core Ensembles - String
Year 1 - 3
Junior String Ensemble
Year 2 - 4
Intermediate String Ensemble
Year 4 - 6
Vivaldi String Ensemble
Year 7 - 12
Chamber Strings
Core Ensembles - Concert Bands
Year 4 - 6
Concert Band
Year 5 - 9
Wind Ensemble*
Year 7 - 12
Symphonic Winds
Specialist Ensembles
Year 4 - 12
Percussion Ensemble*
Year 4 - 12
Guitar Orchestra
Year 7 - 12
Secondary Rock Band
Year 5 - 12
Brass Ensemble*
Year 7 - 12
Secondary Tech Crew