In Drama, students explore and depict real and fictional worlds through use of body language, gesture and space to make meaning as performers and audience. They create, rehearse, perform and respond to drama. Outside of the classroom, "Strike Theatre" consisting of students from Year 7-12, work together to refine their stagecraft, teamwork, performance skills and attention to detail in preparation for the seven festivals on the Southeast QLD Theatre festival circuit.

Developing skills in writing and performing, the team creates and performs theatre that challenges, empowers, and entertains audiences. This year the team has focused on a myriad of styles including Drama, Comedy, and Gothic. At the end of the year, Strike Theatre perform their productions at the annual Empower Showcase held at .

In 2022, the team have been awarded the following:

  • Best Play (Ever After) – Sunshine Coast Festival
  • Best 10-minute Play (Remember) – Mousetrap Festival
  • Best Short play (Remember) – Dalby Festival
  • 2nd Best Play (Ever After) – KSP Festival
  • 2nd Best Play (Ever After) – Beenleigh Festival
  • 3rd Best Play (Ultimatum) – Mousetrap Festival
  • 3rd Best Play (Control Room) – Ipswich Festival
  • Best Sound and Lighting Production – Dalby Festival
  • Best Director (Aleckson) – Sunshine Coast Festival
  • Best Director (Aleckson) – Mousetrap Festival
  • Best Original Script (Remember) – Mousetrap Festival
  • Best Female Actor (Tasha D) – Dalby Festival
  • Best Female Actor (Tamika M) – Sunshine Coast Festival
  • Best Female Actor (Maisie W) – Mousetrap Festival
  • Best actor in a Minor Role (Grace G) – Ipswich Festival
  • Best actor in a Minor Role (Cooper B) – Sunshine Coast Festival
  • Jo Pearce Memorial Trophy (Aleckson & Francis) – KSP Festival
  • Nita Bacon incentive Award (Best Ensemble) – Dalby Festival
  • Adjudicators Choice (Ever After) – Mousetrap Festival
  • Adjudicators Award (Sophy Y) – Beenleigh Festival
  • Adjudicators Award for Acting (Tasha D) – Ipswich Festival
  • Adjudicators Award for Design (Control Room) – Ipswich Festival
  • Adjudicators Award for Directing (Aleckson) – Ipswich Festival
  • Adjudicators Award (Tasha D) – Sunshine Coast Festival
  • Adjudicators Award (Control Room) – KSP Festival